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The art of listening


We offer Management Consultancy services where our expertise can help an organisation to resolve particular management problems, usually in the areas of management structures, financial control, internal control and information systems. We have undertaken various Management Consultancy projects since 1990, in a variety of sectors. Most, but not all projects involved some aspect of management structures, internal controls and information technology. Our approach to all consultancy projects is very simple and easy to understand. It involves (1) Establishing the facts, (2) Analysing and researching the issues, (3) Consulting widely and externally if necessary, (4) Making recommendations and (5) Communicating the result.

An example of some recent projects are:

(1) Design a national database for a statutory body

(2) Investigate a breach of management control and planning laws in a voluntary organisation

(3) Provide expert witness services for software products

(4) Develop a strategy for providing services to disabled persons

(5) Implement CAD systems for a firm in the construction industry

(6) Provide interim financial management for an organisation in financial difficulty

(7) Develop a strategy for software development for a private firm

(8) Write a specification and manage a national tender for financial systems for a voluntary organisation

(9) Re-organise staff roles in a public organisation and recruit new management

(10) Review and re-organise the IT infrastructure and IT security for a company

(11) Manage the installation and operation of SAN and NAS technology in a private clinic

(12) Provide interim management services to a private medical clinic

(13) Review and advise on new management structures of a chain of medical clinics

(14) Manage the legal and financial due diligence for firms engaged in the sale of businesses

(15) Provide management services for a large Radiology practice

(16) Prepare a review of a national surgical service

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